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Can I customize my order?

Of course! Our in-house Graphic Design team is ready to help you start creating your custom design to be engraved on your order. Visit our Contact page to message our team about starting the process. We are ready to start creating!

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I have heavy/metal/sharp dice, will the dice products stand up to this?

You bet they will! Our Dice Box and Coffer are designed to decrease movement of the dice while being stored so your boxes will last.

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How are your products made?

Our products are laser engraved and cut out using our very own laser. You can choose which unique engraving we put on your order or customize it for a completely "you" look.

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How do the Dice Boxes seal?

Our box designs include a set of four powerful magnets that make for a powerful seal when your Dice Box or Coffer is closed, keeping everything safely and securely inside.

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Can you laser engrave with color?

No, laser engraving will only remove material in order to create a design. However, coming soon, we will be offering various wood stain color options!

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What are your products made out of?

We use top quality birch to create all of our products. We stain and finish the wood ourselves before engraving one of our many pattern options on the surface.

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